Vision and Mission of PGIN’s Citizen’s Charter


A dependable and self-sufficient community working together towards the achievement of the highest quality of life comparable with national and global standards.



To realize this vision, the officials and employees of the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte are committed to work together in:

  • Carrying-out a sustained harmonious working relationship in the fulfillment or observance with the norm and rules conformably with the philosophy behind the provision of Republic Act 6713, an Act establishing a Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, to the end that utmost courtesy, efficiency and commitment between and among personnel of the Provincial Government is achieved;
  • Providing sustainable health services to the people;
  • Alleviating¬† poverty through the promotion of social justice in all phases of development;
  • Promoting peace and order through the imposition of discipline, order and rule of law;
  • Advocating transparency, efficiency and good governance in the utilization of government resources through increased collection, economic enterprise and asset development, cost saving schemes and consolidated efforts towards maximum utilization of human resources, facilities and equipment;
  • Developing agribusiness enterprise beyond experimental/service level;
  • Promoting tourism taking into consideration the ecological balance;
  • Developing education, sports and youth programs that are responsive;
  • Coordinating efforts of national agencies for a unified development direction;
  • Encouraging participation of the private sector in development efforts; and
  • Exercising general supervision over the component cities and various municipalities.